Donation Guidelines

     Donations of household items directly supports the  mission of Nevada County Habitat for Humanity to build affordable homes in partnership with local families. 


     At Habitat for Humanity ReStore we process hundreds of donations every week.  This is the reason for our success.  However, Hazmat removal and frequent runs to the Transfer Station are very expensive. We have to be careful not to accept items that result in increased costs.


     So, to ensure we can take your donation, please follow these guidelines:


·         Please – no Hazardous Materials.  This includes used flourescent tubes, ballasts, and household batteries.  No flammables or fuels of any kind (this includes emptying fuel from heaters, lawn machines, and camping equipment. No pesticides, tires, solvents or anything that would otherwise need to go to the Hazmat facility at McCourtney Rd Transfer Station.  We are accepting Latex paint only in NEW FULL containers.


·         Appliances need to be in perfect working order for us to be able to re-sell.  They need to be clean with no mold or mildew.  Cabinets and vanities need to have all doors and drawers intact with no broken parts. 


·         We love furniture, it is our largest selling department!  To ensure we can accept your furniture item check that it is in excellent condition; clean with no stains, fading, tears, broken legs or pet damage. 


·         Toilets are not recyclable and we have to pay to dispose of toilets that we cannot sell. The only toilets we can sell are white or off white color in new like condition.  They need to be cleaned and have no hard water staining


·         Windows are welcome if they are double pane with no fog or condensation in the glass and are in perfect working order. 


If you are requesting a pick-up for items please be sure that they are at ground level if possible and easily accessible to our truck and drivers. 


Your donations are appreciated. Thank you for supporting affordable housing in Nevada County!