How do you celebrate the Holidays in your Habitat home?

Shawna & Family:

Regarding Holiday traditions, we’re still working on them! However, we always have a cocoa and cookie run then drive around to look at Christmas lights. What I have found to be fun is that we end the night at home. Now we have a home that I can put lights on and we are one of the houses that other kids drive by and say, “Ooh, look at the one!” Now we get to be one of those homes and we’re so happy. I am slowly but surely building our decorations. This year we have blue lights and a very cute snowman, the kids love him! Adding to the collection will be fun for years to come <3

Shawna and her family have owned their Habitat Home for 1 year.

Martine, Mike & Family:

We love to celebrate the holiday season with our church family, see plays, and drive around to look at decorations together. At our own home, we decorate, read Christmas stories, and make cookies together. Corbin loves to cook and challenges himself to find new and different cookie and dessert recipes, like Yorkshire pudding. At Thanksgiving this year, he spatchcocked a turkey and prepared it himself!

We are grateful for the support we have received from Ian and the Habitat construction volunteers because home repairs can be puzzling sometimes. Mike very much appreciated having help with projects this year.

Martine, Mike, & Family have owned their Habitat Home for 11 years.

Joan & Family:

My family always is allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve. Of course it’s the same every year, pajamas. I do have a special ornament made by my third child, Mr.Spoon. He has been front and center on the tree since 1997. Traditions are changing as my family gets older. We spent this past Thanksgiving at my son’s house in Alta Sierra and will be there be again for Christmas. But I don’t mind, less clean up for me.

Joan has owned her Habitat home for 24 years.

Mike & Tommi

We’re thankful for everything! The feeling of safety we have here. This is the first safe place my children have lived in. They can go outside and plant a little garden, they have friends, and we go to the park across the street.”

Hunter is still very excited about his room. He loves having his own room, a space to call his own.

Tommi, Mike, & Family have owned their Habitat Home for 2 years.

Lanea & Family

Lanea & Family have owned their Habitat Home for 1.5 years.

Sharon Reid & Family:


My family and I found ourselves in a Habitat for Humanity house years ago when my kids were little. Now, as my children transition from teenagers to adults, filling my home with the hustle and bustle of the season, I reflect on the incredible gift that transformed our lives.

My Habitat home has been more than just a shelter; it’s the anchor of our well-being. The memories embedded in its walls echo the laughter of my little ones and the dreams that have unfolded within its embrace. It’s not just a house; it’s a sanctuary where my family has thrived.

As the holidays approach, the significance of my home shines brightly. The beauty lies not just in the decorations but in the freedom from the worry of exorbitant bills. Gone are the days of fearing crazy electricity and heating bills during winter. Now, the money I save becomes the magic that makes the holidays extra special for my kids.

In our habitat home we gather to celebrate not just the season but the generosity that granted us this haven. My Habitat home has granted me the financial freedom to create joyful holidays. The warmth within is not just from the comforts of the house but from the knowledge that I can make these moments magical without the burden of excessive bills.

In the glow of holiday lights, my heart is lightened by the joy of the season, unburdened by the fear of overwhelming expenses. My home is a beacon of gratitude, a place where love and celebration replace the anxieties of the past. I revel in the peace and joy that my Habitat home has bestowed upon us, allowing me to focus on what truly matters – making the holidays unforgettable for my kids.

Happy Holidays from our Habitat Home!

Sharon Reid & her family have owned their Habitat Home for 4 years.

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