David joined the Restore staff as a Donations associate and driver last year, and recently took the helm as General Manager this April.

“I am so excited to go to work for this amazing Restore staff and the greater Grass Valley community here. So many new things to show, I hope everyone drops by to see some of the changes, and say hello!” -David

He and his family have lived in the area for 8 months now, and absolutely love it here. David spent 35+ years managing restaurants in the Bay Area before seeking out a simpler more meaningful life and career. When the opportunity to buy his dream home in these beautiful foothills became reality, he and his wife jumped at the chance, moving into their four-horse ranch in September of 2023.

David loves running around with his 3 dogs, working in his workshop, gardening, and spending time with his wife of 34 years, daughter, and grandson. He and his wife love to travel, and have been to almost every national park in the West.

Stop by the Restore and say hi to David and his amazing Team! 

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