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Families Partnering with Habitat

We will look at three distinct areas of selection criteria when reviewing potential partners.

  1. Your family's actual housing need based on the suitability of your current housing.
  2. Your current income and ability to pay for a Habitat home.
  3. Your willingness to particpate as a "partner" with Habitat.


Income Qualifications

Income Eligibility
Based on Family Size

Family Size Gross Family Income
Two $23,000-$36,900
Three $23,000-$40,500
Four $23,850-$44,100
Five $27,910-$47,000
Six $31,970-$49,900
Seven $36,030-$53,800
Eight $49,090-$55,700

Home Buyer Program


Looking for an affordable opportunity to buy a simple, decent home? Please review the basic guidelines for eligibility, qualifications, and expectations for becoming a Habitat Homeowner.

Informational Meetings:

A series of public informational meetings are held periodically by our Family Selection Committee when we are ready to select families for our next homes. At the orientation meeting qualifications for the program are reviewed and application packets are distributed. The applicants are given ample time to provide the required information and do not need to provide anything in advance of the meeting.
Please read the information regarding our Family Selection Criteria. If you feel that you meet these criteria and would like to attend a public informational meeting as described above, please contact the NCHFH offices for a Family Selection Form. When we receive your completed form, we will keep it on file in order to notify you by mail of the time and location of the next orientation meeting.

The selection of families who will purchase homes from Nevada County Habitat for Humanity will be done by the Family Selection Committee using these criteria in a way that does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, age, handicap, religion, marital status, or because all or part of the applicant's income is derived from public assistance.
Please fill out the information below and mail this form to: Nevada County Habitat for Humanity P.O. Box 2997, Grass Valley, CA 95945.
Please notify me when the next Orientation meeting is scheduled so that I can get more information and an application for homeownership:
Address: _______________________________________________________

Family Selection Criteria:

1. Need:

  • You will be considered for a Habitat home if your present housing is not adequate, and if you are unable to obtain adequate housing through other conventional means. Lack of adequate housing may include problems with the present structure: water, electrical or sewage service systems; heating system; or failure to meet city property maintenance standards. Overcrowding is also taken into consideration based on the number, ages and gender of children compared to the number of bedrooms in your home.
  • The percentage of your monthly income that you currently spend on housing is considered to determine need. You will be required to openly and fully discuss your financial situation with a Habitat interviewer.
  • You and your family will be considered if your total income is not over 60% median family income for Nevada County, currently $69,100 (HUD 2009 figures adjusted for family size).

2. Ability to Pay:

Since you will actually be buying your home from Habitat, you must demonstrate your ability to pay the monthly mortgage payment. This monthly payment will include a payment on the principal mortgage note, AND a payment for property taxes and home-owners insurance.

We will help you determine if this payment will jeopardize your ability to meet all your other family financial obligations and expenses. We can also help you if you need to develop a budget to determine your eligibility.

For the formal application process, Habitat will need:

  • Copies of state and federal income tax returns with W-2 forms for the last 3 years
  • Copies of current statements for bank accounts, stock or mutual funds that you or co-applicant own
  • List of employers and landlords for the past 2 years

You must work or live in Nevada County to apply for a Habitat home in Nevada County.

3. Willingness to Participate as a Partner with Habitat:

  • When selected, you become a "partner family" in the Habitat program. Your assistance in constructing your home and the homes of others is called "sweat equity." Your volunteer "sweat equity" contribution of 500 hours must be completed before becoming a homeowner. It may include clearing the lot, painting, helping with construction, providing food for volunteers, making phone calls or working in the Habitat office. Friends and relatives may volunteer time on your behalf that can be applied to your 500 hours of "sweat equity": up to 20% (100 hours) for 2-adult family, or up to 40% (200 hours) for a single adult family.
  • You will be responsible for the maintenance and repairs of your house from the time you move in. Willingness to be responsible neighbor including respect and consideration for your property, our neighbors and your neighborhood.
  • After moving into your home, the Family Support and Partnering Committee will maintain an on-going relationship with you. This includes financial counseling and household maintenance education.