For 26 years Nevada County Habitat has been blessed by having strong leadership from women. While each woman has been led by different touch-points and motivations, a common denominator has been the well-being of families.

This motivation is true for Dina Rubino. Joining the Habitat Board of Directors three years ago, Dina is inspired by providing others with the many opportunities homeownership provides – especially stability and security for families.

“I first became involved with Habitat twelve years ago through my church, St. Patrick’s. They were reaching out for volunteers to help with a project on Church Street. I realized then that Habitat for Humanity has a special mission and philosophy.”

When her son was in high school she had another opportunity to become involved when, to garner service credit, he (and Dina) participated in a Faith Build at Heritage Oaks in 2012. She was approached by past Habitat Board members Brian and Ann Moore about possibly joining the Board. She determined that once her three kids had graduated and moved into the world she would make that commitment.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this Board. The members are all amazing and bring so much to the mission,” Dina says. As the Board liaison for the Homeowner Support committee, she is impressed with how thorough the Habitat process is in preparing homebuyers in becoming homeowners. “Even after they’ve moved in, homeowners have plenty of support from our staff and the dedicated volunteers that stick with them. We’re all here to do everything we can to help them be successful.”

She says the most joyous moment happens when a new homeowner receives the keys to their forever home. “We also realize the challenge that there are more people in need than homes available. I’m really looking forward to expanding our capacity to build more homes quicker.”

As a teacher at Mt. St. Mary’s, Dina understands intimately the need for children to have a stable and secure home base. It’s important for the parents, too.

“I’ve been a homeowner for many years. I want others to experience the same stability and positive life changes that I’ve experienced. So, seeing people move into their homes makes everything we do more than worthwhile.”


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