The Idea…

We are all concerned about how the shelter-in-place is affecting the small businesses in our community. Our business community provides an important economic engine that makes Western Nevada County such a special place.

The generosity our local businesses demonstrate with local nonprofits is unparalleled. We are especially grateful for their support and we want to help them now when they need us.

One of our faithful supporters came up with a brilliant idea on how she could support local businesses and Nevada County Habitat at the same time:

She purchased gift certificates from several local businesses, and then donated the gift certificates to Nevada County Habitat – which we’ll use for our silent auction at Street of Dreams – scheduled for September 18th this year!

This is a win-win for all of us! It provides our small businesses with much needed support during this challenging time, and ensures Nevada County Habitat will continue with one of the best features of our Street of Dreams event (which provides the funds needed to keep building!).

The Plan…

Here are 3 simple steps you can do to accomplish this:

1. First, contact your favorite business(es) and let them know you’d like to purchase a gift certificate.

2. Let them know that you’ll be donating this gift certificate to Nevada County Habitat for Humanity.

3. Because it won’t be used until after September 18, 2020, ask them if they can extend the expiration date.

Here’s another bonus: Once you’ve purchased/donated from a business we won’t approach them for a Street of Dreams donation later on – this gives them time to recover without being solicited again. Plus, we’ll give that business recognition. Another win!

It’s that simple!

The Follow-up…

So, after you purchase the gift certificate, how do you get it to Nevada County Habitat? Here are some ideas:

If you’re purchasing from a business that is open, someone from Habitat can pick it up. We just need notification that it’s there for us to pick-up. OR, the business can send us a digital gift certificate directly to

If you purchase online, you can send it to, or you can mail it to: Nevada County Habitat, P.O. Box 2997, Grass Valley, CA 95945.

Contact to let us know. We will look for it in the mail or via email.

A Win-Win for Everyone!

Keep in mind that donating a gift certificate to Nevada County Habitat is tax-deductible, so we’ll send you a receipt for your records.

Remember, Street of Dreams is September 18th at the Foothills Event Center. We’ll be celebrating our 25th Anniversary – and your contribution will make this a celebration to remember!

For more information contact Jim Phelps, Development Director at Nevada County Habitat for Humanity, (530) 206-8205 or email at


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