Perhaps one of the most enduring aspects of the Habitat for Humanity model is the building of community.

The typical – and correct – view of Habitat is that we build homes with deserving, hard-working families. But, what is often not considered is that Nevada County Habitat builds neighborhoods. And with that, comes community.

The Three Moms of Park Place embody this spirit of community as the Habitat construction process takes place.

“What’s really cool is that I not only have these two ladies as neighbors,” says Lanea, referring to Danise and Tommi, “We have instant girlfriends.”

Coming to know one another after being selected for Habitat homes, the Three Moms of Park Place have instantly formed a bond. Tommi says that there’s something special about helping each other during the building process and in sharing their Habitat experience together.

“We’re going to be neighbors for a long time,” she says. “I’m happy that we’re off to a really good start.”

Danise, who is the first single adult ever chosen for a Nevada County Habitat home, will have a central role in their newly formed community. “I’ve already offered to babysit whenever they need it!” She says with a laugh. “It’s wonderful to have instant community. It just feels right.”

To hear more from the Three Moms of Park Place, and other homeowners, please visit our Street of Dreams web page here to view a video.


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