It’s been an exciting time at ReStore as we welcome the Spring season!

During February we were joined by a group of students from Bitney Prep High school. They painted and sorted and brought their positive attitudes with them. We really enjoy working with the youth groups because it brings us an opportunity to help shape a new generation of workers. It can seem daunting for young people to come into a new place and learn workplace social skills. But, these bright kids learn fast and are quick to apply what they are learning!

These youth groups leave with more than dirt on their clothes, they leave learning how to work alongside others while accomplishing a common goal. They leave with more confidence in their steps and in themselves, which will ultimately help them successfully navigate a new work or social environment.

Also, during February, we worked with members of LINC (Love In Nevada County) with roadside clean-up. This is always a great opportunity to work with new people from our community, get a little sunshine all while strolling with a cup-of-coffee. While their group has had many challenges that have delayed or cancelled Roadside Clean-up days, they have not let it hold them back with the good work they do. We’re proud of our association with LINC – and with the other local organizations that partner with us to make the community stronger.

For example, because of our amazing customers we were able to donate over 12 large boxes of canned and dry goods to Interfaith Food Ministries last month! And we were able to donate five boxes of used blankets to Paws for Pets to help keep their mission moving forward in assisting at-risk animals. While we do not typically accept pet supplies, occasionally we do acquire pet supplies that are in good condition, which we then ensure goes to an appropriate organization.

ReStore has a multitude of volunteer opportunities currently available, from pricing and sorting, to filing and computer work. Whether you have just two hours per week or 20, ReStore has an opportunity for virtually every interest. You’ll enjoy working alongside fellow community members who have a heart for making our community stronger – and you’ll also serve with our homebuyers who are in process of completing their sweat equity commitment. You’ll experience first-hand the spirit of Habitat!

While Punxsutawney Phil made his predictions of a longer winter, don’t let that hold you back from projects you need to get done, especially now that Spring is upon us! ReStore has all the supplies you need from construction materials to coffee pots. Come and comfortably shop our over 22k+ sf warehouse of amazing deals! See you around the warehouse!


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