As our outgoing president, Rick Ballantyne (seen in photo above with wife, Trish, and Jim Phelps) has embodied the spirit of Habitat. Serving on a board of directors takes a special commitment. It’s especially true to serve on the Habitat for Humanity board. Habitat is complex, combining all the moving parts of a construction company, retailer, mortgage originator and a nonprofit. During Rick’s career he served numerous public agencies while living in the San Joaquin Valley. As a professional planner and administrator, he was well prepared to take on the complexities of Habitat.

Navigating this takes a special person, and to do so serving as the organization’s president during a pandemic even more so. Over the course of his tenure Rick saw the completion of Heritage Oaks take place, in addition to two of the four Park Place homeowners take their keys.

Habitat board members are given the responsibility for setting the tone for the organization, overseeing important policy and financial decisions. Serving on the board might seem enough, but each also volunteers in different capacities. Rick has faithfully served on the Fund Development/Community Outreach and Board Development committees. In addition, he has introduced many people to Habitat who have become faithful supporters.

“Habitat has shown to me what a big-hearted community can do when so many put their gifts and talents together to follow Christ’s teachings of helping others.” He says that he feels fortunate to have made so many friends through Habitat. “There are just so many dedicated people serving the Habitat mission. I’m humbled to be part of such a great organization.”

“Rick’s service has been incredibly valuable,” says Lorraine Larson, Habitat’s Executive Director. “It’s not just the technical skills and experience he has, but his heart for our families and for the mission. We’re very grateful to have him on the Board.”

Moving forward Rick will continue to serve in the fund development and community outreach, in addition to continue his service on the Board.

“This is a great organization. I really look forward to helping us grow and serve more families.”


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