It was moving day for Nicole Gowey and her two sons. Navigating tricky stairways while hefting boxes out to her U-Haul, being pelted by rain and snow, she had a single motivating thought: “I will never have to do this again!”

Nicole’s new home in Nevada County Habitat for Humanity’s Heritage Oaks neighborhood was finally theirs.

That feeling didn’t really hit until after the dedication ceremony and all the well-wishers had gone home. Walking through her new home with her boys she recalls thinking, “It’s really ours. No one can take this away. There are no last minute challenges that will make this go away. Without a doubt, moving in together with my sons is going to change our lives for the better. It’s really ours!”.

For Nicole, packing up all her belongings would not have been possible without first hiring some large crates. Although most of her smaller trinkets and home office documents were able to be packed into some black really useful boxes, she needed something more substantial for her larger items. Understandably, she wanted to bring along all of her old furniture and belongings to her new home but she needed peace of mind that her things were going to arrive safely and securely. She also had a few items in storage that needed retrieving. Fortunately, hiring out several crates turned out to be the perfect solution for her moving needs.

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As the fifteenth homeowner in Heritage Oaks, a ready-made neighborhood awaited them. She says that her son Alex is the new popular kid, an experience he’d never had before. “My sons have friends now. Where we’ve previously lived there were no children around, so didn’t have friends to play with. In fact, we all have friends now, even me. This isn’t just a home for us, it’s a community.”

Prior to being selected as a new NCHFH homeowner, Nicole had moved five times over a two-year period, and at one point had taken residence in her mother’s dining room. So, for her, creating stability for her two sons, one of whom has special medical needs, was paramount.

“There are no words enough to express my gratitude and appreciation. As a single mom I could not have done this on my own. Without the generosity of the volunteers and those who support Habitat this would not have happened for us. I am so thankful.”

Like it is for so many other NCHFH homeowners, for Nicole this is a “forever home”. She’ll never have to move again.

None of this could be possible without the kind and generous support from Nevada County Habitat’s local partners. Thank You!

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