We asked our most recent resident of Park Place, Shawna, what has surprised you the most about being a homeowner?

I think what has been most surprising has been the sense of pride I feel, knowing that my hands have been a part of creating this. It has changed our lives immensely due to the proximity of the home to work and school. I have been able to join a local gym to work on my mental and physical health and I am also on my 5th week at Sierra College already! A few years there and I will get my AA and hopefully transfer to a University. Finances are something that I certainly still have to be careful with, but the savings in fuel alone are helpful! I am really looking forward to working on getting the yard nice!

Shawna moved into her Grass Valley home in December 2022. Watch her interview to hear more about Shawna and her family’s journey with Habitat.

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