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For many years landscape designer, Kate Bowers, had wanted to work with Habitat for Humanity. She recently purchased and is in the process of renovating a home across the street from Danise, the proud owner of the first home at the Park Place build site. Seeing that the landscaping had yet to be completed at Danise’s Habitat home, Kate volunteered her services.

She connected with Ian Nansen, Nevada County Habitat’s Construction Coordinator, along with Danise, and created a simple fire-wise design that was in perfect keeping with Habitat’s desire for the combination of beauty and low maintenance for the homeowner.

“I am very happy to help with this project. I love what Habitat does and what it stands for,” Kate says. “I look forward to helping in any way I can now and in the future.”

Kate donated her design services, and her landscape installation team, Castellanos Landscape Pros, also donated their installation labor and expertise. Danise also joined them, shovel in hand, to help with the beautification of her front yard.

Kate’s company, Kate Bowers Landscape Design, is currently located in Roseville. She estimates making her move complete to Grass Valley by early next summer. Over the course of her career she’s won a reputation for her innovative custom design while forging interactive, cooperative relationships with homeowners, developers and contractors.

She has the distinction of being a featured designer for 10 years on the HGTV Network’s landscape makeover show Yard Crashers. She says that experience has helped her bring an innovative design perspective to each new project. Additionally, Kate worked extensively in helping survivors of the 2017 Sonoma County fires in 2017, and has become a specialist in fire-wise landscaping design.

“Kate was really easy to work with. She was incredibly positive and responsive,” Ian Nansen, Nevada County Habitat’s Construction Coordinator said. “It’s encouraging for us to have really capable partners in all facets of the building process. That helps us increase our capacity to build. In fact, Kate and her installation team’s contribution enabled us to finish Mike and Tommi’s house quicker. I also think Kate was excited about contributing to her own neighborhood. Kate brought good energy all around.”

All of us at Habitat are thrilled to have Kate contribute to the Habitat mission. You can find her listing, along with Castellanos Landscape Pros, in our Community Builder’s Directory under Building Trades.


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