Like every parent, Nevada County Habitat homeowners want their children to succeed and enjoy a better life than they have. Owning a home is one of the most significant ways in which Habitat families can ensure they “launch” their kid’s success.

A common feeling among these families is that their Habitat home will always be a “home-base” for their kids. No matter where they are in the world there is a safe, warm place to come home to.

Molly Cragle experienced this first-hand. The daughter of Jody Veerkamp, a Habitat homeowner since 2003, Molly and her husband, Steven, yearned to buy a home of their own, preferably with some land. Steven had sold some property and had saved money for a down-payment, but not quite enough. So, they “came home” to live with Jody, agreeing to help Jody with expenses while they saved the rest of the money they needed for their down.

Molly was seven years old when Jody got the keys to her Habitat home. Along with her two brothers, she watched Jody work hard to forge a better life for their family.

“I’ve come to appreciate what she did a lot more. She taught us that good things can happen when you work hard, especially for single mothers.” Molly said. “Plus, it was really cool to know that my mom and my grandfather helped to build the house we lived in. That was special.”

While growing up Molly and the rest of the family enjoyed visiting their grandfather’s home. Having acreage, Molly came to enjoy the space and freedom having property afforded them. That feeling stuck with her.

Two and a half years after moving back in with Jody, Molly and Steven were able to purchase a home with land. In addition to being the home-base for her business, MV Custom Cleaning, Molly breeds French bulldogs, and raises chickens, pigs and turkeys.

“It is heart-warming for us at Habitat when we see our homeowner’s children experience success like Molly and Steven have,” says Lorraine Larson, Nevada County Habitat’s Executive Director. “The Habitat mission isn’t just about building homes. It’s about providing families with the opportunity to create more successful lives for themselves and their children.”

“Molly and Steven are delighted to be raising their sons in a home that reminds Molly of her grandfather’s place,” Jody said. “I love seeing them all there.”

Spoken like a proud parent!


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