Recent winter storms have significantly impacted the ReStore business operations. First, the store was closed due to power outages and high snow levels throughout the Loma Rica area. Then a partial roof collapse on the side of the building that is rented by a shared tenant occurred late in the day on March 9th. Although the side of the building leased by the ReStore remained standing, a shared wall and contents near that wall were damaged. Fortunately, there were no injuries to anyone who was in the store at the time. We are grateful for the quick actions of ReStore staff to evacuate the building immediately. The ReStore has been closed since that day, but repairs are already underway, and we hope to reopen soon!  When we are cleared to safely reopen, we will make an announcement and look forward to serving this great community. Thank you for your patience during this recovery period and we hope to see you all in the store again very soon. Stay tuned for good news!

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