Volunteers are the lifeblood of most local nonprofits. Nevada County Habitat for Humanity is no exception. During a typical year over 200 individuals will volunteer for Habitat events, office work, making lunches, and, of course, building homes.

While most Habitat volunteers are individuals motivated to make our hometown better, there are also groups that have made a significant contribution.

Since 2016 the Wells Fargo Foundation has been a major funding partner. As a part of the grants, Wells Fargo employees contribute 300 hours of volunteer service, primarily at the Heritage Oaks construction site.

“Wells Fargo’s greatest priority is helping people succeed financially and build better lives. That includes bridging the gap to affordable housing in Nevada County,” said Jami Stevens, Assistant Vice President of the Grass Valley Branch. “We are fortunate and privileged to support Nevada County Habitat for Humanity.”

Over the past three years Wells Fargo team members have pounded nails, installed insulation, painted beams and helped to dig ditches. Most recently they were instrumental in working with Acton Arborculture in a large scale landscaping project at Heritage Oaks.

“We couldn’t have completed that project without the team from Wells Fargo,” says Lorraine Larson, NCHFH Executive Director. “As usual, the volunteers from Wells Fargo made a significant contribution. We count them as one of our most reliable and valued partners in building affordable homes with deserving families.”

To-date, Wells Fargo volunteers have helped to build nearly half of the homes at Heritage Oaks.


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