As the final touches are being put to the 16th and final home in the Heritage Oaks neighborhood, Nevada County Habitat celebrates another successful partnership with Wells Fargo. 43 Wells Fargo employees volunteered over 300 hours of time in helping to build the Angel family home, along with helping to do landscaping finishes throughout the neighborhood during 2019.

This effort is led by Jami Stevens, Branch Manager – Assistant Vice-President of the Grass Valley Branch. Jami has been a champion for Habitat over the past three years.

“We love working with Jami,” says Lorraine Larson, Nevada County Habitat Executive Director. “Her commitment to helping solve the housing crisis in our community is inspiring. She always brings a great team with lots of enthusiasm to the build-site. We love seeing those volunteers in the red shirts working alongside the homeowners and our crew!”

Nevada County Habitat is not only grateful for Jami and her team, but also to the Wells Fargo Foundation for grant funds that partially funded the completion of the Angel home. Like any other donation Nevada County Habitat receives, 100% of these funds went directly into the home.

“Continued support from Wells Fargo is important and very appreciated,” Larson said. “The blend of support from our individual and corporate donors is vital in overcoming our housing crisis. We are thankful for the partnership with Wells Fargo. It makes a significant difference.”


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