Every nonprofit organization needs ambassadors – volunteers who are committed to the mission and through their involvement represent that mission in the community.

Nevada County Habitat for Humanity are truly fortunate to count Charlie and Lissa Luckinbill as two of our most passionate ambassadors.

“We love Habitat,” Lissa says. “It’s terrific to be able help people we inevitably will run into in the community.”

Charlie and Lissa began volunteering with Habitat over a decade ago, helping with the set-up at one of the first Street of Dreams events. From then on they were hooked, and have volunteered in just about every way possible. “Years ago I helped with a build,” Lissa said. “I love the variety of ways to help. We can physically help build a home, put together a mailing or help on an event.”

Charlie and Lissa have become a go-to team for Street of Dreams, visiting local businesses seeking donation that will be used at the event’s silent auction. “What makes a difference to me,” says Charlie. “Is that one-hundred percent of the donations we receive go directly into the homes built. I like that the money isn’t used for overhead expenses. That makes us feel good about asking.”

During their visits to local businesses they say that business owners are often thankful they are asked to contribute. “They know what Habitat does, what it means for local families and the entire community.” Lissa said. “Most of them actually thank us for asking!”

Individually they have both been honored as Habitat Volunteers of the Year. But, they have found that working together on behalf of Habitat has been fulfilling. They both said that asking for donations isn’t always easy, but they worked out a system. ”It’s nice to work together. We encourage each other. It’s a good feeling.” Charlie said.

“Habitat can’t accomplish its mission without dedicated volunteers,” says Lorraine Larson, Nevada County Habitat’s Executive Director. “We are extremely grateful for Charlie and Lissa. Their contribution, added to the many hours contributed by others, builds homes, neighborhoods and a community we can all be proud of. They are an excellent example of what’s possible when we all work together to make a difference.”

And that’s what Charlie and Lissa do as Habitat ambassadors – make a difference and in the process, experience the fulfillment helping deserving families can bring.

Would you like to experience that fulfillment while making our community a better place for everyone? Visit our Get Involved page for more information.


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