New ReStore General Manager, Mary Gill, says one of the top things on her list is to elevate the experience customers have when they set foot into Nevada County Habitat’s ReStore.

Mary Gill, ReStore Manager

“I want every person coming to ReStore to know they are welcome and valued,” she said. “It’s all about their experience.”

Mary, who joined Habitat as the new ReStore General Manager in early August, brings an impressive background with 20-plus years of experience in retail sales training, in addition to extensive executive operations management. She says that small things – like having store volunteers/employees wearing color-coded aprons that indicate their function (“Go find anyone in a blue apron – they’ll be able to help you!”) – make a big difference. She also says having a cohesive team all directed toward the same purpose also translates to customers.

“We have a building full of people who are committed to being there. Employees aren’t there just for a paycheck. They realize they’re working toward something much bigger. The Habitat mission of building homes and hope with deserving families is the underlying heartbeat of the entire warehouse. It’s a joy to come to work every day!”

Prior to joining ReStore, Mary worked as the controller for an organic farming operation. With top management located out of area, and with a culture where communication wasn’t a top priority, she was largely on her own. She says the team-oriented spirit of Habitat was one of the main things that attracted her to this new role.

“I like all that Habitat stands for. The team aspect is important here, and I feel like this is the type of environment in which all who work here can thrive,” she said. “I’m very impressed by the volunteers. They want to be here – and they work very hard. It’s very refreshing.

“We have such amazing donors and volunteers. I want them to feel the same level of welcoming our customers will feel when they walk into our store.”

With that kind of commitment, the entire Nevada County Habitat for Humanity organization is happy to welcome Mary to the team!


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