Without a doubt the 2020 Street of Dreams will be a new and exciting experience for us all. In going virtual, Nevada County Habitat is seizing the opportunity to introduce a few new twists, like presenting homeowner stories in a new and compelling way, and featuring video from local community leaders discussing why they believe so much in the Habitat mission.

Nevada County Habitat will also be premiering our new Children’s Playhouse project via the online and live auctions.

“The Children’s Playhouse project provides a unique avenue for people in the community to get involved with the Habitat mission,” says Nevada County Habitat board member Bill Croker. “With a dual benefit of making some children’s lives a little happier.”

The way it works: Local community members and groups can host their own Playhouse build. Habitat provides a pre-cut playhouse kit (prepared by Habitat volunteers), tools and other materials, paint, and a construction volunteer to help with the build. Once completed, the individual or group can keep the playhouse or donate it to a local child-serving organization or to a local deserving family.

“A number of Habitat affiliates around the country have Playhouse programs,” says Jim Phelps, Development Director for Nevada County Habitat. “While it does function as a fundraiser, it provides a way for a local group or business to catch the Habitat spirit in a fun way that benefits local kids.” He went on to say that many companies take advantage of the Playhouse project as a unique team-building opportunity.

“What’s cool is that an individual or employees from a local business or organization members come together as a team for an afternoon to create something. And they then have the satisfaction of seeing the faces of children light up in joy when, at the end of the day, a family comes to pick-up the completed playhouse.” Phelps said.

Habitat will introduce the program by auctioning a fully built and designed playhouse during the live Street of Dreams event to be held on September 18. A Playhouse build opportunity will be one of the featured items in the online auction.

For more information about the 2020 Street of Dreams and the Children’s Playhouse Project, contact Jim Phelps at (530) 274-1951, or Jim@NCHabitat.org.


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