“We love bringing value and savings to people,” says Steve Smith, who co-owns the Grass Valley Grocery Outlet Bargain Market with his wife Kim. Their commitment to bringing value and quality goes back to 1989, where they worked together at the Yucca Valley Grocery Outlet. “We fell in love and the rest is history.”

Along with raising a beautiful family during the past 29 years, they have owned and operated Grocery Outlet stores in Placer County, Folsom and San Diego. When the Grass Valley store became available they bought it, determining that Grass Valley was definitely the right community for them.

“Unlike being in a large market, we get to know the names and faces of our customers here. We can contribute in a meaningful way to our community.” Steve said.

And contribute they have. Steve and Kim have been consistent donors to Nevada County Habitat for Humanity ever since they took the reins in Grass Valley. Each year they have been one of the headline sponsors of Street of Dreams and, just before a new Habitat homeowner is handed their keys, they fully stock their cupboards and refrigerator with food and household items. Steve says the Habitat mission resonates with them.

“I love the sweat equity aspect of the Habitat program,” he said. “There are no hand-outs. The homeowners jump right in and help build their home. I like that the community takes a hands-on role to help someone succeed. Honestly, this fills our tanks.”

Habitat homeowners must commit to working 500 hours of service toward the Habitat mission. Typically taking 9-12 months, most homeowners opt to work alongside the construction crew in building their home.

Providing opportunity is important to Kim and Steve. A passion of Kim’s is organic foods and organic health and beauty items. This passion has provided affordable access for working families to enjoy health-conscious alternatives. Deeper still, Steve says they are blessed with a loyal, hard-working staff.

“Over forty percent of our staff has made this their career,” he says. “They are the key to the operations and success of our store. What’s great is that they have opportunity, just like Kim and me, to own their own store if they wanted. It just takes having a vision and a lot of hard work”

That’s something Habitat homeowners know all about.

As we enter the holiday season, please support Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, knowing that a portion of every dollar you spend will support Habitat for Humanity.

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