Byers has been a significant Habitat partner since 2012 during a Habitat Blitz Build. Their commitment as a Habitat partner was just beginning. Working alongside other volunteers, including the families whose homes were being built, the Byers team was in for the long haul.

Ray Byers, Sr. on a Habitat home last month.

In August of this year they installed the roof on the final home in the Heritage Oaks neighborhood.

“Byers has installed and donated materials for seven of our Habitat homes in our 16-home neighborhood of Heritage Oaks,” says Lorraine Larson, Nevada County Habitat for Humanity Executive Director. “Installing this roof and sourcing the donated materials for it is a perfect example of how Byers gives back again and again.”

That first year was memorable for the Byers team because they did more than expected. “The job was a little behind schedule,” Operations Manager, Ray Byers, Jr. said. “We had a crew of 16 guys out there and the walls weren’t up yet. So, we rolled up our sleeves and helped put the walls up.” Now, seven homes later, Byers continues to contribute.

Ray Byers, Jr. made the commitment earlier this year to install this most recent roof. To fulfill his promise, Byers connected with Owens Corning to secure the materials, and Beacon Roofing Supply for accessories such as flashing, roofing nails, and ridge vents, plus loading the roof. Of special note, Byers’ office crew completed the installation.

The Byers Roofing crew putting on another Habitat roof in Grass Valley.

“There were six of us, including my father, who worked over the course of three days,” says Ray Jr. “We considered it an opportunity to do something beneficial for people we don’t even know. It was something we could all take pride in. Our Sales Manager, Lance Bellows, came to the job site one day and barbecued for everyone. We wanted to make it a fun time for all of us. And we did – we had a great time!

“Working with Habitat and the families is a terrific feel-good for our team,” Ray Jr. said. “I think something that gets lost in the day to day is that we are a part of this community. Giving back by doing what we do best lifts our people up and helps them feel like they are a part of the bigger picture. We’re grateful for this opportunity.

Nevada County Habitat is also grateful to count Byers Enterprises as a partner. The families who build and purchase Habitat homes pay a 30-year, no-interest mortgage on the cost of building supplies for their home and a portion of the cost to develop the land upon which the home is built. Byers’ in-kind contribution has saved Habitat families thousands of dollars, helping to keep their mortgages affordable. Byers’ contribution truly captures the spirit of the Habitat mission.


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