I enjoyed Executive Director Lorraine Larson’s recent report on Habitat’s accomplishments during 2020.  Yes, it was an extraordinary year. And yet in the face of a deadly pandemic, Nevada County Habitat for Humanity continued to accomplish its mission of providing affordable housing for deserving individuals and families.

So what is planned for this year?  Habitat’s volunteer construction crew has just completed and dedicated the first home of four on Park Street. Danise will soon be moving into her new home.

The unique situation with Danise’s home is that it was built just for her.  It is a much smaller, single bedroom home that has been designed to fit perfectly into the neighborhood. It is our desire to build homes that will serve all people – whether singles, married couples, single-parent families, or families with several children.  What a joy to share!

Three other Habitat homeowners will join Danise in the neighborhood.  The Board of Directors and staff are gearing up for completing three homes this year – a great accomplishment! To reach this goal, we know that it will take a concerted effort on all fronts—fund raising and support, construction efforts, homeowner selection, and homeowner support. We will also need help from our many community sponsors who have generously and consistently supported Habitat’s efforts.

Planning for future action is what drives Habitat’s Board of Directors.  We continue to think several years down the road in planning for future development opportunities—whether purchasing vacant lands to ensure an adequate supply of future building sites, working with local planning officials to make sure that all of our t’s are crossed, or making sure that our subdivision planning efforts allow for excellent design features that compliment adjacent development.  Our desire is to build neighborhoods that will be “shining stars” for our communities.

This year Habitat will initiate fund raising efforts to pay for the construction of infrastructure to support our new Heritage Oaks II subdivision.  This major effort will take a concerted effort by many Habitat supporters.  We are so blessed to have opportunities to help others and share that blessing with so many.  I appreciate the time and commitment of our Board of Directors in making dreams come true.  We will continue to persevere in accomplishing our goal of providing affordable housing in Nevada County—no matter what the challenges may be!


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