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“Dream Builders Circle”  

A powerful commitment to a permanent solution

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Our Dream Builders are an essential part of Habitat's mission to provide hardworking families with safe and affordable housing.  Here are some reasons why becoming a monthly donor is so important to us:


1.       We can count on your help. We don’t have to wonder if your gift will be coming in this year. It shows up like clockwork every month!

2.     Cash flow keeps us building. The reliability of your gift lets us keep growing and building homes and makes sure we have little to no down time serving local families.

3.     You make us stronger. By contributing monthly you are strengthening this organization and ensuring the longevity of the work we do in this community we all love. 






Benefits to joining:

· Listing in our newsletter twice per year

· VIP reserved seating at special events and benefit concert

· Discounts on event Tickets

· Choice of Tote Bag, Coffee Mug, or Hat

· Listing on our website

· Spreading out the financial impact of your donation, and…

· Making a bigger difference in your community